Advantages of Portable Propane Gas Heaters

Portable propane gas heaters are common appliances used by many people to heat open spaces. Since they come in a variety of sizes, they can be used in larger open commercial areas as well as residential spaces. There are number of significant advantages for using a propane gas heater and these include:

* Portability – this is probably one of the key advantages to owning and using a propane heater. Unlike a built-in electric or gas heating system, these heaters can be used anywhere. This can include the need for temporary heating such as during brief cold spells in normally temperate climate areas. Therefore, business owners who operate out of a prefabricated structure that does not include a heating system can call upon this heater in the event they experience a brief cold spell while needing to operate on a daily basis. A popular model used in commercial structures is the Mr. Heater Model #MH18B that will heat a 400 square foot area.

* Loss of Electric – In the event of bad weather, accident, repair or any other reason for an electric outage, having this heater can keep you comfortable until your normal electric power is restored.

* Structure Add-on – Often a home or business owner will make a room add-on when the need for expanded space arrives. When, and if, construction costs come into consideration, a possible solution, especially for locations in a temperate climate zone, is to forgo installation of any heating system, opting to use a propane gas heater instead.

* Temporary Needs – Sometimes clubs, organizations and other civic groups need to meet and get a structure or room that does not have heat. Although the need for warmth is not apparent during spring, summer and maybe some fall moments, providing temporary heat during cold winter meetings can easily be produced through use of a portable propane heater. A great choice for this type of situation is the Mr. Heater Model#MH9BX that will heat a 200 square foot area.

* Recreational Needs – This heater is often the best choice when going on a camping trip where either you are in a cold climate zone or need to warm up the night time sleeping hours or when you first rise in the morning. Many portable propane gas heaters provide an excellent alternative to wood heating or other sources when out in the wild. Additionally, propane gas heaters can easily be turned off when they are not needed. Fireplace or wood stove heat needs to have constant and continuous maintenance in order for it to work properly.

Portable propane heaters can operate for many hours depending upon the size fuel tank that accompanies your purchase. It is highly recommended to buy at least a 20-pound tank to avoid the need for frequent refilling.

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