Gas Kitchen Appliances

When you hear the word appliances, electrical devices are the first words that come to a persons mind. Of course appliances are electronics which run on battery or electricity. But there are many other kitchen appliances which run purely on gas. And yet there are some others which run on both gas and electricity. These wide variety of as gas kitchen appliances include stove, gas ovens and BBQs or grills, charbroilers and gridirons. Different companies manufacture variety of models of these appliances. Although their function is the same but every model has a unique quality which makes it different from the other gas appliances. The gas ovens are classified on the basis of free standing with 60cm and 90cm. Also the burners range from two to five for the gas ovens.

A stove is a cooker which uses natural gas and other flammable gas as fuel. In earlier times the gas stoves were usually big and occupied more space. Now a days these stoves have been integrated with ovens and are more slim occupying less space. Within the category of stove there is a variety. Vent less stoves are now available along with vent free natural gas stoves. These can be used as kitchen appliances which are environment friendly. Some stoves are small in size and are portable and can be taken to picnic. There are hundreds of manufacturing companies which manufacture gas stoves for kitchen. People buy gas stoves as they are more reliable and easy to use.

Gas ovens are a later invention. The only difference between a stove and oven is that the stoves were integrated with ovens thus making them gas ovens.

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