The Wood Gas Fireplace

The Wood Gas Fireplace

The WoodGas Fireplace from Spenton LLC employs the same air driven
technology used in the WoodGas campstoves to provide a clean burning
fire in a patio fireplace package. Like the campstoves, it runs on
electricity to power a fan which gasifies the wood and then burns it.
The fireplace is tuned to provide a taller flame for patio use. The
fireplace includes a lid to protect the fireplace from rain, and an AC
adapter for power.

The fan has an adjustable setting so that the intensity of the fire
can be adjusted as desired.

Operating Characteristics:
Heat Output 50,000 BTU/hour 25,000 BTU/hour
Fuel Consumption 6.0lbs/hour 3.0lbs/hour
Power Usage 240mA at 12V 220mA at 12V

Total Height 11.5″ (29.2cm)
Total Diameter 14″ (13cm)
Fire Pot Height 8.5″ (21.0cm)
Fire Pot Diameter 10″ (25cm)
Total Weight 15 lb oz (7 kg)
Power Charger 120V, 50-60Hz Input, 12V AC Output

Dual Stage Combustion, How it Works:

WoodGas burning systems effectively burn the fuel twice. In the
first stage, combustion air is driven into the fuel to create some smoke
(or wood-gas). In the second stage, more combustion air is driven into
the chamber to burn the gas from the first stage. The electric fan
provides the combustion air in just the right amounts to produce the gas
and burn it completely.

High Efficiency – very little wood produces lots of
Low Smoke – ” Campfire Smell ” almost completely eliminated.
flame – high temperature heat.

Due to the weight of this product. It
will be shipped direct to you from the supplier in Minneapolis,

Price: $190.00

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