Why a Whitfield Pellet Stove?

Why should you even consider buying a Whitfield Pellet Stove? Because it is one of the best stoves on the market, that’s why! You have to see one to believe it so quit hesitating and visit one of your local specialty fireplace shops today. Or, go online and visits several of the Websites that give you specific information about Whitfield and its fine products. You won’t be disappointed!

Whitfield started seriously offering wood pellet stoves in the early 1980’s. Since then, people everywhere have become more interested in using pellet heat in their homes. This heating source has proven to be an effective way to save money and at the same time heat homes efficiently and comfortably.

Pellets are usually composed of raw wood byproducts. They are very small and compact so they are much more convenient to carry and store than cord wood. They also produce a much cleaner burn than cord wood and are much more efficient. Whitfield has many stoves to choose from and their best model by far is the Whitfield Advantage Plus. It is a beautiful example of design and technological innovation.

The Whitfield Advantage Plus pellet stove performs spectacularly by producing up to 38,000 BTUs per hour. Its heating efficiency has been measured at more than 80%, which is much better than less expensive models. It also is a pellet stove that lets you choose the grade of pellet you want to use. This is not always an option with other models. The Whitfield Advantage Plus has a huge 80 pound hopper that stores enough pellets for about 75 hours of continual burning. It burns extremely hot which results in the ash pan having to be cleaned about twice a year.

The Advantage Plus is one fine Whitfield Pellet Stove! Of course, Whitfield offers many other choices in pellet stoves but if you want the best and the brightest, you’ll have to go with the Whitfield Advantage Plus. It is positively the best you can buy and you will get years and years of pleasure from it. And your time will be your own because maintaining your Whitfield Advantage is fast and easy.

Matt writes more about whitfield pellet stoves at //www.pelletstovesinfo.com

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