Why Should I Switch Over to a Corn Pellet Stove?

Corn pellet stoves sellers have enjoyed the tremendous jump in popularity for the alternate heat sources. Akin to the wood stove, a corn pellet stove can be a good environmentally friendly choice. With the cost of gas and electricity sky rocketing, corn pellet stoves can be the most economical choice also.

Corn pellet stoves have become so popular that in many areas there is a wait time to get your stove. The manufacturers can barely keep up with the demand. You are using an easily renewable resource that burns efficiently and cleanly. The amount of smoke left after burning your corn pellets is so negligible as to be unnoticeable. Also, the corn contributes oxygen to the air while growing, and can be renewed annually, unlike oil or gas.

The pellets are loaded into the hopper so you do not have to continuously feed it like the traditional wood stove and it supplements your heat enough as to decrease your electric or gas bill. However, before buying yourself a corn pellet stove, you should check into not only the availability of corn pellets where you live, but also the price. In areas where the local supply is little or nonexistent, it might not be the most economical choice for you.

A corn pellet stove works a lot like a wood pellet stove. Your pellets are loaded into a hopper, which varies in size by manufacturer or consumer choice. There is a mall screw, known as an auger, which slowly feeds the firepot. You can control how hot your stove is by adjusting the auger. For some models you can even ball wall thermostats for automatic adjustments. These can be used in conjunction with optional glow plug igniters. The plug igniters automatically light your fire. So you can set your pellet stove up so that if the temperature increases in your home, it will automatically shut off, saving you fuel costs even more. The best part is that it will automatically come on if the temperature drops, so you don’t have to worry about waking up to frozen feet or burst pipes.

There are many choices in style and function and lots of optional extras for you to choose from. Think carefully about what you want. What is your primary goal? If your main goal is to improve your environment, than changing over your fireplace to a corn pellet stove insert may be your choice even if the fuel cost in your area is slightly high. If you need to save money and the availability of local, reasonably priced corn in your area is not a problem, than a corn pellet stove is the way to go.

However, there may not be a fuel source available in your area. If not, you probably do not want to put that corn pellet stove in your living room, even if it would make a good talking piece for your friends.

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