Wood Stove Pellets – Know the Difference Before You Buy

Are you still wasting money on gas fuels? Now that the times are hard and everyone is doing everything they can to keep up with the economic crisis, there is a great solution to the rising cost of oil fuel: wood stove pellets.

These have been incorporated in wood furnaces for years in Europe, before they made their way in the US, and the reason why they’re a popular alternative to traditional fuel, is that they have been found to be the most efficient in heating homes, plus they are also the cheapest. The combination of these two facts contribute to its growing popularity today.

However, if you are planning to switch to using wood stove pellets, there are things you should take note to make sure that you don’t waste money buying the low quality ones. Remember that because of the increase in demand, there are also suddenly a lot of manufacturers. Don’t be confused and don’t go running to the nearest store to purchase the cheapest one because there’s a difference in their quality.

If you find yourself in a store full of different brands and types of pellets, here are three things you should check to make sure that it’s premium quality. Note, sometimes the quality doesn’t depend on the brand, so try other less popular brands as well.

First is the consistency of the pellets. The whole bag should not include a lot of fine grains, the ones you usually find at the bottom of the bag and which look like crushed pellets. This is actually will contribute to more waste when you finally use the pellets because they will remain unburned.

Another thing you should check is the moisture level of the pellets. Moisture level should not exceed 10% if you want to make the most out of your wood stove pellets. Remember that the standard is about 10% or less, but if you find products that have 15% moisture and above, it may not be as efficient as those with a lower percentage.

Remember these and you’ll get the most efficient and best value for your money.

If you want to read more about wood stove pellets or wood pellet furnace in general, there is a great source to get those information, especially if you are just considering switching from a traditional gas furnace.

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